“We intend to relay to our guests, and to everyone, the difficult living conditions of our ancestors and the difference with the present-day technology, by displaying about 350 pieces of utensils and belongings used by them over centuries.”
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                                YALÇIN FAMILY
  Ours is a family concern. The members of the Yalçın family are all farmers. As the income from farming is becoming insufficient with each passing year, we have built these two buildings of 90 sq.m. and three buildings of 30 sq.m. for our children where we offer our services to the esteemed guests, regardless of whether they are wealthy or not, local or foreign, high or low in statute. We treat the elderly like our parents, the youth as our brothers and sisters and the children as our own.


We regard ourselves as one of you and never treat our guests as mere customers. Our primary principle is to earn the money we receive from our guests.


   There are four members in the Yalçın family., with Enver Yalçın as the father, Aysun Yalçın as the mother, and Bora Yalçın and Oya Yalçın as children. The cooking is taken care of by my wife Aysun Yalçın, I take care of the administration and service is handled by Oya and Bora. Furthermore, as a family, we are proud of having established the first Kargı Village Enver Yalçın Museum of Turcoman Culture, History and Art.


For the attention of our guests;
In case our guests like Fethiye or our village and wish to settle here, it is our duty to assist them in their purchases of houses, land and property.

Please take note of this;

    As our establishment is located in the village where the life-style of Turcomans is displayed and as we are farmers, we would not tolerate any complaints about the cocks crowing, the donkeys braying, the oxen bellowing, the lamb bleating, the cats meowing and the dogs barking.
Respectfully yours,
In the name of Yalçın family,
Enver Yalçın...






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