Years ago I visited the museum of the war of independence at the Anıtkabir in Ankara which impressed me highly and I started to think of setting up a museum. My purpose was to relay to our guests and to everyone the difficult living conditions of our ancestors and the difference with the present-day technology by displaying about 1600 pieces of utensils and belongings used by them over centuries. The saving of this country was no easy task. As an offspring of martyrs and wounded soldiers, I believe that it is my duty to remind people that those who are ignorant of their past cannot see the future. The materials in this museum were collected all over the Mediterranean and the Teke region, from the 71 villages of Fethiye, by chatting with elders who had used them and compiling their memories. I took photographs of those still alive and tried to obtain photographs and the names of the deceased. It was a good thing I established this museum. I received praises and thanks from many people which moved me greatly. I am happy. We shall be pleased if you also visit our museum. There is no charge for visiting the museum and getting information.
Respectfully yours,
In the name of Yalçın family,
Enver Yalçın...


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