“We intend to relay to our guests, and to everyone, the difficult living conditions of our ancestors and the difference with the present-day technology, by displaying about 350 pieces of utensils and belongings used by them over centuries.”
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Kargı is located on the Fethiye-Mugla highway, at a distance of 19 kms. to the city center. Its bay is covered by stryax trees which are unique to the location and it is ideal for camping. With its unique natural panorama and fastidious services, Kargı is a center of attraction both for locals and foreigners throughout the year..


Oludeniz is situated 17 kilometers from Fethiye and is famous for its splendid coves as well as its history. One you come from Fethiye and pass through hisarönü, which has become an entertainment and shopping center in recent years, you will encounter Ölü Deniz' myriad of blue hues with all the beauty of the splendid hotels nestled amongst the lush greeny. Ölüdeniz , which reminds one of paradise with its motionless sea surrounded by evergreen pines, is a tourism center known throughout the world. Next to Ölü Deniz is the wide sandy beach of Belceðiz. There are lots of bars and restaurants near the Belcegiz beach waiting for the people for the night entertainment.




Situated on the slopes of Mendos Mountain, Fethiye was established on the top of ancient Telmessos on the shore of Fethiye gulf. For this reason, the majority of ruins have remained under this quaint district. Because of abundance of accomodation facilities, captivatingly beautiful coves and significant development in yacht tourism in recent years, Fethiye represents the center of excursion in the Western Lycian region. Fethiye,which is located 50 kilometers from Dalaman airport, can be reached by highway from Muðla, Denizli and Antalya and can also be reached by sea. Those staying in Fethiye, which chock full of history, nature and sea, can easily wander out to the ancient cities in the vicinity, such as Cadianda, Pýnara, Tlos, Sidyma, Xanthos, Letoon and Patara. Here, temperature does not go below 16 C, and one can frolic in the surf for up to nine months a year.





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